Saturday, 1 September 2007

Photographs of St Andrews Cathedral - St Andrews, Scotland by Lorraine G Huber 2007

Historic St Andrews - St Andrews Cathedral

Photographs by Lorraine G Huber 2007

Whether you live in Scotland or are a visitor to Scotland, I'm sure that you will agree that there are some fantastic landscapes and historic scenery to see. I love exploring the beauty and diversity that this land has to offer and I hope you will enjoy some of my own images from my travels.

There will be new photographs added regularly.

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Douglas Bruce said...

It was nice to see the pictures, as I am originally from St.Andrews.
However I was wondering why you called it - The Abbey.
I have always known it as St.Andrews cathedral!

Lorraine G Huber - abstractloft said...

Hello Douglas
Thank you for writing and posting my first comment, and you are absolutely right, it is called St Andrews Cathedral, that is my mistake, thanks for making me aware of it, I have now corrected it. I am glad that you like some of my photographs, I'll be posting some new ones soon of my travels. St Andrews is a great place to visit such a sense of history; are you still in Scotland yourself? Thank you for visiting my blog, hope you may visit my other blogs too.

Best Wishes