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My husband & I went to Culloden Moor the site of the infamous bloody battle while we were touring the Scottish Highlands around the Inverness area. Please see my photographs and read the brief historical account below:

Read a potted account here: See my own photographs of Culloden Moor as it is today.

The Battle of Culloden (Scottish Gaelic: Blàr Chùil Lodair) (16 April 1746) was the final clash between the French-supported Jacobites and the Hanoverian British Government in the 1745 Jacobite Rising. It was the last land battle to be fought on mainland Britain. Culloden brought the Jacobite cause—to restore the House of Stuart to the throne of the Kingdom of Great Britain—to a decisive defeat.

The Jacobites—the majority of them Highland Scots, although containing significant numbers of Lowland forces—supported the claim of James Francis Edward Stuart ("The Old Pretender") to the throne; the government army, under the Duke of Cumberland, younger son of the Hanoverian sovereign, King George II, supported his father's cause. It too included significant numbers of Highland Scots, as well as Scottish Lowlanders and some English troops.

The aftermath of the battle was brutal and earned the victorious general the name "Butcher" Cumberland. Charles Edward Stuart eventually left Britain and went to Rome, never to attempt to take the throne again. Civil penalties were also severe. New laws attacked the Highlanders' clan system, and Highland dress was outlawed.

If you would like an eye witness account by a highland survivor please click on the link below

Below are some photographs I took as we walked round the site of the former battle field. It was a grey dreich day and the atmosphere of that awful day seemed to still pervade the area. It was difficult walking around the fields where so many of my fellow highland countrymen lost their lives, I felt very moved and humbled by the experience. War is such a terrible thing, and this battle field is a hauntingly chilling, reminder of the horror of dying in a bloody battle for a cause you believe in (rightly or wrongly). I must say that it left an indellible impression on me, both as I walked the battle field and visited the Culloden Museum and read the historic accounts of the battle.

Field of The English

The Visitors Centre - Culloden Moor

The Memorial Cairn
The Battle of Culloden

Well of The Dead

Old Leanach Cottage
Culloden Moor

Culloden Moor

All photographs by Lorraine G Huber 2007

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Photographs of St Andrews Cathedral - St Andrews, Scotland by Lorraine G Huber 2007

Historic St Andrews - St Andrews Cathedral

Photographs by Lorraine G Huber 2007

Whether you live in Scotland or are a visitor to Scotland, I'm sure that you will agree that there are some fantastic landscapes and historic scenery to see. I love exploring the beauty and diversity that this land has to offer and I hope you will enjoy some of my own images from my travels.

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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Scottish Scenery - Dunoon to Gourock - Photographs by Lorraine G Huber

Bonnie Scotland

More Here are some more photos of my travels from a visit to the lovely Gallimaufry Art Gallery in Blairmore, Dunoon and taking the ferry back across to Gourock to head home to Livingston.

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Below are some images I have taken of Pittenweem in The East Neuk of Fife while visiting the famous annual Pittenweem Arts Festival

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Friday, 24 August 2007

Beautiful Scenery of Loch Ness, Scotland by Lorraine G Huber

My Travels Around Scotland - Personal Photographs by
Artist Lorraine G Huber 2007

Invernesss, Loch Ness & Beyond

Hello my name is Lorraine Huber, I was born in Aberdeen, the Granite City, as it is still known. I have travelled around the UK and have lived in various places; both in England and Scotland. For now I live in Livingston, West Lothian with my husband and our 3 lively rescue dogs.

I would always recommend owning a rescue dog, though not necessarily 3 at the same time unless you are crazy like me!

I am a full time artist and paint in an abstract style. I also enjoy travelling and love this beautiful land of Scotland, with its tremendously diverse scenery and ever changing weather.

I like to take my digital camera with me on my walks and I hope that you will enjoy some of the photographs of various places of interest and might recognise a few also. Please feel free to contact me and time permitting I will always try to reply. For now please browse my site. It is in its inception and new photos will be added regularly. So please visit often.

The following photographs were taken on a weekend break in Inverness and show various parts of Loch Ness and the surrounding area. The scenery is quite breathtaking and one feels a real sense of history that the hills cry out with the ions of secrets of the lives lived there. No signs of the Loch Ness monster I'm afraid! Just click on the images below to enlarge them.